Replacement Windows

The Next Generation of Energy Efficiency Today

Everyone wants to save energy, The Energy Star program has been setting standards to guide consumers in making wise decisions to save energy. As products become more efficient, Energy Star adjusts these standards to reflect improvements in technology.

The next standard for highly efficient windows and patio doors is R5. This increases the threshold for insulating value in windows and doors, creating dramatic energy savings. My Knot Just Decks caries triple pane windows that meed these challenges.

  • Four microscopic layers of silver reflect heat back to it's source.
  • Titanium dioxide layer protects the silver, so it lasts for life.
  • Your Home is cooler in the summer, as solar heat is reflected away.
  • Your home is warmer in the winter as furnace heat is reflected back into the home.
  • Argon gas filling adds extra insulation between the layers of glass
  • Significant noise reduction versus single or double pane windows
  • Triple Pane Glass for the Price of Double Pane Glass.